Know the Details

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In order to bid on items, you must register. In order to register and receive a sale day catalogue, all bidders are required to provide:

  • Satisfactory Photo Identification - (Driver’s License, Company or any valid Identification)
  • A refundable minimum deposit of in cash or Manager’s Cheque. Deposits will be refunded immediately after the auction for those bidders who do not purchase any items.The minimum deposit of shall be forfeited in favor of UAI should the bidder fails to completely pay his winning bid.
  • All minimum deposits (Cash or Manager's Cheque) of non-winning bidders shall be refunded via company cheque of United Auctioneers Inc.
  • Bidder's refund will be processed immediately upon presentation/return of the "Acknowledgement Receipt". In case of loss of the Acknowledgement Receipt, United Auctioneers reserves the right to withhold the deposit until such time the Bidder’s identity is properly verified.
  • Each Registered Buyer will be given a Bid Book with a corresponding bidder number.
  • When you want to bid on an item at a specified price, raise your Bid Book for the Auctioneer to acknowledge your bid.
  • For each lot being sold, there will be NO MINIMUM PRICE. Starting price will be determined by the attendees (like you). The Auctioneer will announce the bid he has received and call out the bid he is asking for.
  • The Auctioneer will continually call two amounts, the higher of which is the asking price and the lower of which is the highest bid received for that item.
  • This process will continue until all bidders have stopped bidding, at which time, the item is considered SOLD TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER.
  • The sale will be conducted in terms of Philippine Peso. NO "BUYER'S COMMISSION" SHALL APPLY. Every item will be sold on an "As-is, Where-is" basis. Insurance and removal are for the purchaser's responsibility. All Philippine taxes and duties paid.
  • For any lot sold as determined by the Auctioneers, the minimum deposit of P250,000 shall be deducted from the purchase price with the remaining balance to be paid by the buyer during the payment period.
  • No purchased item may be removed until paid in full. United Auctioneers Inc. reserves the right to refuse issuing a bidding card and makes no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied.
  • All final payments must be made in Cash or Cashier’s/Manager’s Cheque or Bank Demand Draft payable to: UNITED AUCTIONEERS INC. and paid at the Cashier's counter located at the Registration area.
  • All Cheque payments will be subject to 3 banking days clearing prior to the withdrawal of any lot/s.
    Payment Period (SUBIC):

    Payment Period (DAVAO):

    08:30am to 04:00pm daily except Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
  • Personnel will be on hand during auction days to respond to inquiries regarding payment.
  • All items must be fully paid before leaving the yard. The Buyer will not be entitled to possession of any of his purchases until the total amount of all his purchases - including interest and storage fees have been fully paid.
  • Insurance and removal are for the Buyer’s responsibility.
  • All items must be removed on or before the LAST DAY OF REMOVAL, otherwise, a storage fee will be charged for each remaining lot AT A COST OF P500 PER DAY.
  • It is the Buyer’s responsibility to clear his purchases from the auction site. Load out and handling will be at the buyer’s cost, risk and responsibility. We recommend that Buyers to coordinate with the auction office regarding procedures of clearing/removing your purchases.
  • Bidders that choose to send a representative to pull-out purchased items, must do the ff.:
    • Fill-up & sign the "AUTHORIZATION TO PULL-OUT FORM" (found at the centerfold of the Bid Book)
    • This original copy of the Authorization to Pullout Form must be brought by the representative to UAI’s office together with Buyer's original I.D. on the day of the pull-out.
    • All Buyers must sign/submit "DEED/S OF SALE" prior to the release of the units.
    UAI reserves the right to refuse releasing of item/s via representative if this procedure is not followed



    Pullout Period (SUBIC):

    Pullout Period (DAVAO):

    Trucks - 08:30am to 04:00pm only
    Heavy Equipment - 08:30am to 03:00pm only
    Miscellaneous Items - 08:30am to 03:00pm only
    ** Except Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
  • Personnel will be on hand during auction days to respond to inquiries regarding payment.
  • If you are unable to remain at the auction to bid on items you are interested in, you can leave an Absentee Bid. Please contact the office and United Auctioneers will bid on your behalf as if you were here.
  • For Financing Accounts, the following procedures must be followed during the Pull-out Period:
    • Buyer must surrender the Acknowledgement Receipt for the minimum deposit bid bond, before an Official Receipt for down payment can be issued.
    • Buyer/Signatory must be present upon pull-out period to sign the Deed of Sale.
    • In the absence of the signatory, his/her representative must bring an Authorization Letter with Special Power of Attorney to sign the necessary documents, (Buyer must also inform the financing firm regarding this matter).