UAI Tulong at Kalinga - Balik Eskwela Program 2018

Last May 31, 2018, UNITED AUCTIONEERS INC. (UAI) conducted its annual "Balik Eskwela" Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) event at IRAM II ELEMENTARY SCHOOL located at Sitio Mampueng, in a remote area of Brgy. Old Cabalan, in the outskirts of Olongapo City.

In this age of modernization, it is startling to come across areas that are highly underdeveloped. But deep in the urban jungle that is Olongapo City, unbelievable yet real, a place untouched by modern infrastructure nestles Iram II Elementary School.

Under the scorching heat, through seemingly endless rough and rocky dirt roads, across several streams of water lined with overgrown bushes and surrounded by dense vegetation, 130 young students (mostly indigenous Aetas) and 10 faculty members, brave the challenging trek daily just to get to school to learn and to teach, respectively.

In line with UAI's mission to reach out and help the students and faculty of Iram II Elementary School for the Company's "Balik Eskwela" program, UAI endeavored to repair and restore dilapidated roofing of 2 of the school's main classrooms that have been perennially leaking during rainy season according to Iram II Principal - Dr. Sandy T. Cabarle. Moreover, UAI fabricated and installed metal window grills in several classrooms for security, replaced damaged jalousies with brand new ones, painted the outer walls to give the classrooms a fresh look, and donated 130 backpacks containing much needed school supplies paired with water jugs.

EAST WEST BANK (EWB) extended its support and partnership to UAI for the Company's "Balik Eskwela" CSR program by donating school uniforms, raincoats, rain boots and additional school supplies for the students in preparation for the rainy season.

This "Balik Eskwela" CSR event was led by UAI President & Chairman - Mr. Dominic L. Sytin, alongside UAI Management representatives, and attended by East West Bank representatives headed by EWB Assistant Vice President and Store Manager - Mr. Christian A. Pobeda.

A video presentation was shown documenting the repair and restoration works done to the school by the UAI Land & Asset Improvement & Maintenance Department showing the "Before" and "After" conditions, followed by a ribbon cutting ceremony participated by Mr. Sytin, Dr. Cabarle, Mr. Pobeda, and UAI HR Management & Development Director - Mr. James Alexander I. Diaz, spearheading the HR Team mandated to organize and execute the "Balik Eskwela" CSR event.

The much-awaited distribution of items donated by UAI and East West Bank (i.e. Backpack with water jug, school supplies, school uniform, raincoat and rain boots) ensued. The high energy and ecstatic joy that radiate from the sweet smiles and triumphant dances of the 130 recipients as the educational kits were handed to them speak for the success of this CSR project.

The event concluded with a healthy feast of nutritious packed lunches provided by UAI for the students, faculty and parents of the students served happily by UAI and East West Bank representatives.

The "Balik Eskwela" CSR program is part of UAI's "Tulong at Kalinga" corporate CSR Program which aims to provide assistance to our indigent and disadvantaged brothers and sisters in need of help.

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