About UAI

MISSION Overview

United Auctioneers' reputation as the premier industrial auction company in the Philippines has been achieved by providing our consignors and customers with a professional venue to buy, sell and trade industrial machines, trucks and other miscellaneous equipment.

The company's determination to be the best at doing what matters most is anchored on competence and honest service that will allow our consignors, customers, employees, owners and the community to live and work with prosperity.


Completely Built Up Units

Assured Safety and Road Worthiness

Most Reliable Left-Hand Drive Conversion

Quality Checked by Our Competent Mechanics


ISO Certified Quality Management System

Continual Improvement Culture

Total Customer Service & Satisfaction

Highly Skilled & Experienced Personnel


In March of 1999, the owners of United Auctioneers took a giant step amidst the crippling effects brought about by the 1997 Asian Currency Crisis. With only a handful of industrial, construction trucks and machines in the lot, and sheer perseverance, United Auctioneers conducted its first ever auction in the Philippines on March 4, 1999.

February 2003 marked another major milestone in UAI’s young history. On February 8, 9 & 10, 2003, UAI held its first auction in Subic Bay Freeport, Philippines. With the advantage of proximity reach, UAI was able to establish itself as the leading Auction Company in the Philippines.

20 years and 124 successful auctions later, UAI has sold over 125,000 units of various industrial, transport and construction machines to over 48,000 foreign and local buyers.

Trucks and construction machines from Japan, the United States, Europe and other Asian countries have been bought and exported by UAI buyers to Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Dubai (U.A.E.) and Vietnam.

UAI has catapulted the popularity and influence of the “auction way of life” into Philippine society.

In the next 10 years, the company has set its sights on establishing successful auction operations within the Asia Pacific region.


United Auctioneers Inc. is a re-manufacturing and sales company focused on providing quality pre-owned trucks, machinery and equipment for commercial and industrial use by the private and public sectors. We consistently strive to sell products that offer the best value and benefit to our client.

We offer our clients highly reliable and safe products which adequately conform to their expected performance, allow them to better manage and control the product's intended use, and enable them to optimize on their investment.

We persist on proactive, consistent, timely communication and reporting to our clients and suppliers, as well as adequate resolution and response to their concerns.

We commit to employ the best business practices, supported by the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, in the development of our people, the formulation of our policies and procedures, and the implementation of our Management System, to constantly enhance the enterprise value of the company for our shareholders, the quality of life of our employees and the community where we conduct business.

We adhere to statutory rules, regulations and policies that govern all aspects of our business operations, services and products and we will regularly assess risks and opportunities that may affect our business and continually address these accordingly.

All these we aim to continually improve over time, through diligent conduct of our internal audits and management reviews, and dedicated pursuit of our quality objectives.